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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Galloway Show

While the number of entries for this breed was not as high as many other breeds, the numbers were as high as any other fair’s exhibition of Galloways.  Almost all of the entries for this shaggy coated breed appeared to be very fit, clean animals.  The judge of the Galloway breed was Professor John Craig, of College Station, Texas.

The Galloways at this exhibition received high marks for their thickness and flesh, as well as their strong frames and outlines.

Pat Ryan of Red Cloud, owned by G. W. Lindsey

 Many of the bulls were praised for their stature and show, included in the comments was that Worthy 3rd was “… a champion worthy of steel,” and Pat Ryan of Red Cloud was viewed as “… the best bull that had been bred in the United States up to that time.”  The cow, Evaline 2d of Avondale, received honors as the champion female of the Galloway breed. 

Evaline 2d of Avondale

Brookside Farm Company, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, received premier championship honors for best exhibition in the breed.

Several of the exhibitors in the bull competition

Winning Exhibitors: 

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Photos from Breeder's Gazette and Irwin Collection

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