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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Red Poll Show

The Red Polls were at the time, the most popular dual-purpose breed in America.  It was claimed that the breed showed much improvement toward the beef and milk standard.  Uniformity in the class was strong at the World’s Fair.

17984 Beulah Duches R8.  Second Two-year-old.  Owned by Wilkie Blair, Girard, KS

It was noted unlike most other Red Poll shows of that day, there were few thin cattle exhibited in St. Louis.  This was a breed to be considered for farmers who believed that beef and milk could be derived more profitably from one breed than two.

 First prize winners were:

Linwood Lad 9492. Second place two-year-old bull. Owned by Wilkie Blair.

Reference:  The Breeder’s Gazette.  September 28, 1904.

Photos from Report of the Kansas World's Fair Commission. 1905.

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