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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Steer Show

During the steer show of the World’s Fair, there were only a few classes that were filled. It was claimed that September was not a good time to have a fat cattle show. The steer show was a disappointment to the World’s Fair Department of Livestock. They felt that they had advertised the show very well.  Although the show was often referred to as a steer show, either steers or spayed heifers could be exhibited.  Nearly all entries were steers however.

 The grade “White-faced” Hereford steer (Little Joe) made a big impression on the crowd at the fair.  It was noted that J. H. & J. L. Van Meter, A. R. Haven and the Egger Hereford Cattle Company of Missouri provided the purebred Hereford entries.  There were classes for both purebred and grade steers.


Grade Hereford Little Joe named Grand Champion from S. L. Brock Macon Co., MO

There was also a good number of “top-notch” Angus in St. Louis. The judges for both Hereford and Angus steers were Thomas Clark and C.A. Stannard.

 It was said that H. J. Sconce of Illinois and Wm. Smiley of Iowa supplied most of the pure-bred Shorthorn steers. Shorthorn steers were judged by I. M. Forbes.

 Mr. Fluck presented the best steer, Fluck’s Expectation, champion of the breed and grand champion of the pure-bred steer of the show.

 It was stated that Polled Durhams were judged by Captain John Welch. The Polled Durhams were shown by Fletcher S. Hines, Malott Park, Indiana and Oscar Hadley, Plainfield, Indiana. The steers were a “thick-meated lot, and showed much quality and capacity to use of feed to advantage.”

Snowball, Champion over all breeds for steer under 6 months of age. Bred and shown by Mrs. C. S. Cross, Emporia, KS

Robert Rodak is restoring the Cross house in Emporia , KS ( Lyon County).  The house was built by Emporia's first Mayor, H. C. Cross.   His website  is The steer  was from Sunnyslope Farms in Emporia, Kansas which had been owned by C. S. Cross, a champion Hereford breeder.  The caption says that the steer was shown by Mrs. C. S. Cross but obviously this is not MRS. Cross.  Robert is sure that this is NOT C. S. Cross either because C. S. had committed suicide in 1898 following a bank failure.    If anyone knows the identity of this man in the photo , we would be interested in posting it here. Its very possible that this is Sunnyslope's herdsman, but that is only a guess.    (Robert notes that Mrs. K. W. Cross is the same as Mrs. C. S. Cross, as is Mrs. Cross, mentioned below under Hereford steer winners)

Listings of the first place winnings of each breed ranked by age.



 Aberdeen- Angus


 Polled Durhams

 Red Polls


Grand Champion Purebred steer was Fluck’s Expectation (Hereford).  Reserve Champion was Bradfute’s Deuce of Meadow Brook (Angus). Selecting the steer champions were judges Curtiss, Clark and Forbes.


Grand Champion Grade Steer went to S. L. Brock’s grade Hereford Little Joe.

Reference: Breeder’s Gazette, September 21, 1904.

Photos from Breeders Gazette and Report of the Kansas World's Fair Commission.

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