Agricultural History Series

Missouri State University

 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Block 16

Several companies had displays in block 16:

The Largest Farm Wagon

The “largest farm wagon ever made” was displayed in the Palace of Agriculture.  It was exhibited by the Moline Wagon Company.  The wagon was four times the size of an ordinary wagon.  It was 21 feet long and six and half feet wide.  The rear wheels were nine feet, one and a half inches tall, and the front wheels were seven feet, six inches tall.  The box of the wagon could hold 320 bushels of corn.

The A.B. Farquhar Co. of York Pennsylvania exhibited a line of sawmill and threshing equipment. This company manufactured a line of this equipment for export to Mexico.

The Norton Emery Wheel Co. of Worcester Massachusetts displayed tool sharpening goods. Mr. S. Nikoloff was in charge.


Reference:  Farm Machinery, May, 1904.

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