Agricultural History Series

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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Block 25

The companies in Block 25 were:

A machine that was claimed to pick ten acres of peas per day was on display in Block 25. Mr. S. E. Kieroff of Jackson, Tennessee was the inventor of the pea picker. Mr.  Kieroff arrived from Tennessee on June 21 to superintend the exhibit of his pea picking machine.

In block 25 in aisle G, Mr. W. F. Cochrane from Osborne Kansas exhibited a three row weeder cultivator and riding harrow.

The Birdsell Manufacturing Company in South Bend Indiana displayed one of the most expensive and elaborate exhibits in the Agriculture Palace that was located in block 25.  The farm wagon consisted of a gold trim and the cost was more than $3,000.  The Clover Huller exhibited was style #6, which was the largest width for its purpose.  The Clover Huller was a self feeding wind stacker and re-cleaner. Mr. A. O. Koontz and Mr. J. Bruce Wolfe were in charge of the exhibit.

Collins Plow Ad

The Collins Plow Co.  through its general salesman, Mr. J. A. Farmer, showed  their equipment that was a deep wine color. This attracted "great attention and favorable comment. "

This booth displayed a variety of cutting devices for mowing grass, grain, and weeds. The exhibit also included many household utensils. These goods were manufactured from a specially prepared steel that a Mr. Barden claimed as unique to the Wallingford Manufacturing Co. of Vermont.

Reference:  Farm Machinery, May, 1904.

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