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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Block 28

There were several companies exhibiting in Block 28:

  • Burg Wagon Co., Burlington Iowa

  • Caward R. S. Cresco, Iowa

  • Coquillard Wagon Co., Henderson, Kentucky

  • Geiser Mfg. Co., Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

  • Hapgood Plow Co., Alton, Illinois

  • Anderson. J. H. & Co., St. Louis, Missouri

  • Hancock Disc Plow Co., Alton, Illinois


Big new plow and old hand plow

The Coquillard Wagon Company of Kentucky, displayed an old wooden plow like the one used by Daniel Webster.  Beside it, they displayed one of their “modern” 8-gang Steam Plow.


A metal harrow that was nickel plated was exhibited in block 28 by the Hancock Disc Plow Company in Alton, Illinois.


Robert Howard submitted the two photos the right and wrote:

"I have an antique bronze bust of a man named Hancock, and below the bust is a sketch of a plow. The bust came to us from a friend, now deceased, named Hancock, who told me that this was his grandfather, who invented the plow on the bust, and who died about a hundred years ago in Chicago (?) when he was struck by a streetcar. Could this be the same Hancock from the Hancock Disk Plow Company?"

If you can add to the Hancock story or confirm whether this item is Mr. Hancock of the Hancock Plow Company (which we imagine it is), please contact either Robert or Lyndon. We'd also like to know if this item could have been on display at the World's Fair.

Reference:  Farm Machinery, May, 1904.

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