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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Block 108

Heinz 57

In Block 108 was a beautiful gold-and-white pavilion from Heinz 57.  It was easy to find the Heinz booth due to fact that the booth featured a pickle outlined in light bulbs cheering “57”.  The sign welcomed the visitors who came to see the twenty two acres of food products in the Agriculture Palace.  Below the sign were four revolving pyramids of Heinz products that were turning with 200 light bulbs shining on them.  There was a fifth pyramid in the center of the booth that was stationary, which the other pyramids revolved around.  At the exhibit, products of Heinz were served as samples and souvenirs were given out.  Many visitors took interest in the colored stereopticon views which were shown in the little auditorium below the tower at the pavilion.  

 The Heinz 57 booth

The Heinz 57 Booth in Block 108

The Heinz 57 Company had “mini sections” located in ten different state booths that showed what each state produced for the Heinz Company.  The states ranged from New York, in the east, Iowa, in the west, and Virginia, in the south.

Heinz 57 Booth close up

Heinz 57 Booth Close-up


Messrs. Sprout, Waldron and Co. of Muncy, Pennsylvania showed their line of grinding machinery in Block 108. This included homing mills, and the millers’ supplies.  Mr. G.V. Holiday was head of the exhibit.

Reference:  Farm Machinery, May, 1904.

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