Agricultural History Series

 Missouri State University

 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

The Cotton Exhibit

The cotton exhibit covered over 10,000 square feet and was centered in the middle of the Palace of Agriculture.  The cotton-growing states participated in the exhibit.  They wanted to present an overview of the cotton industry.  The exhibit started with the preparation of the soil then moved to seeding, cultivation, harvesting, baling, and ended at the factory door.  The exhibit showed the value and importance of the cottonseed, from lint for clothing to oil for cooking.  At the time Texas was the largest producer of cotton in the world, so a lone figure holding a lone star, was mounted upon the magnificent dome that was in the center of the exhibit.  Mississippi had a statue of King Cotton that stood more than 30 feet high, and was surrounded by growing fields of cotton.  Missouri, Georgia, and North Carolina all participated in the grand exhibit.  The cotton exhibit was a striking exhibit completed in white and gold.

Reference:  Cunniff, M.C. "The Agricultural Conquest of the Earth", The World's Work,  August, 1904.

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