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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Ayrshire Show

It was said that the show of Ayrshires at the 1904 World’s Fair was representative of the statistical standing and excellence of this dairy cattle breed in the country.  All entries in this breed came from east of the Mississippi river with a few from Canada.


The Ayrshire Champions in the Daily Parade

The judge of the Ayrshire class was Professor Fred S. Cooley of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass.  Although clearly stated in the rule book, all prizes were to be awarded by using the one-judge system prohibiting the use of score cards.  However, Prof. Cooley  preferred to use a score card and it seemed to be a success and there were no complaints. 

 Some classes were a challenge for the judge.  For example, a dozen bull calves were entered in the  show and they had to be brought into the Forum four times before the judge made up his mind.

 The First  Prize winners were:

  • Aged Bulls:  Comrade’s Heir of Glenora; sire, Comrade of Garloff: J. G. Clark, Ottawa, Canada.  $75
  • Two –Year Olds:  Lucinda’s Boy; sire, Major Vebank; Wm. Lindsay, Plainsfield, New Jersey.  $75
  • Yearlings:  Telford Douglas; sire, Lord Douglas 1st of Maple Grove; W. P. Schanck, $50
  • Bull Calves:  Smiler; sire, Lord Watson; E. J. Fletcher, Greenfield, New Hampshire. $50
  • Aged Cows:  Maud S. 1st of Hillhouse; sire, Traveler’s Heir of Hillhouse; J. G. Clark.  $50
  • Two Year Olds:  Marion of Burnside; sire, Duke Clarence of Barcheskie; Wells & Son, Newlington, Connecticut.  $75
  • Yearlings:  Princess Lilias; sire, Glencairn of Ridgeside; Wells & Son.  $50
  • Heifer Calves:  Mina 2d’s daughter; sire, Duke Clarence of Barcheskie; Wells & Son.  $50


  • Senior Champion Bull:  Lucinda’s Boy
  • Senior Champion Cow:  Maud S. 1
    of Hillhouse
  • Junior Champion Female:  Mina 2d’s Daughter
  • Grand Champion Bull:  Lucinda’s Boy
  • Grand Champion Female:  Maud S.   1st of Hillhouse.

Reference:  The Breeder’s Gazette, September 28, 1904

                   World’s Fair Bulletin, November 4, 1904

Photos from Breeder's Gazette

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