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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

“The Model Dairy at Work”

The dairy cattle exposition at the 1904 World’s Fair included 100 cattle that were “scientifically” fed and selected.  During the expo every cow’s feed and milk produced record was kept.  Milk from the cattle was brought to the Palace of Agriculture so that fair visitors could watch the processing of the milk through a large plate glass wall that was on one side of the dairy.  Cream and milk could be seen being separated along with processes that made for the final dairy products the public consumed.  At the end of the processing line, spectators could buy a glass of milk or buttermilk, ice cream or cheese that had been made in the visible dairy lab. 

In addition to the expo of cattle and products, there was a huge display of milking equipment and special apparatuses.  Featured in this was a buyer’s area where dairy cattle farmers could order or purchase the most up-to-date milking equipment or start their own dairy.

Reference:  The World’s Work, August 1904

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