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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Butter Competition

The St. Louis Exposition cream separators top awards were awarded to one company. The grand prize for Centrifugal Cream Separators was awarded to the De Laval Separators Company. The De Laval Company’s exhibit was a handsome one, in keeping with the prestige of these well-known creaming machines, which had done so much for modern dairy farmers as well as dairy products.  The De Laval Company carried away double honors. The Creamery Package Mfg. Co., who was associated with the De Laval Company, also carried off a grand prize for its magnificent exhibit of creamery and dairy apparatus and supplies. These machines were very much in evidence at the fair. They were located in the Jersey barn, Shorthorn herd, and another could have been found in the Educational Building as well as the United States Experimentation Station. 

The session of the National Creamery Butter Maker’s Association was held in the Palace of Agriculture at the St. Louis Exposition. The tests were made by Orin Douglass, of Boston; B. D. White, of New York; and John Mittelstedt, of Chicago. The agricultural department of the World’s Fair chose these individuals.

The state of Minnesota won the grand prize for the highest average of entries scoring ninety-five and over.  The following were awarded gold medals: W. B. Johnson, Arlington, IA; M. Sondergard, Hutchinson, MN; and S.W. Laird, Walker, IA.

Also at this time new officers were installed into the association. The following officers were elected: President, R. J. Nietert, Walker, IA; Vice President, J. G. Moore, Albion, WI; and Secretary and Treasurer, B. Sudendorj, Clinton, IL.

During this session, addresses were delivered by Carl Shallinger, of Hutchinson, MI, on “How to Manufacture the Best Grade of Butter Out of Full Milk from a Manufacturer’s Standpoint.” G. T Yetter, Pipestone, MI; and M. Michels, Garnet, WI led the discussion on “ How to Improve Hand Separator or Gathered Cream Butter from a Manufacturer’s Standpoint.”


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There were other "butter activities" held during the fair with possibly the highlight being butter sculptures.  Sculptures of cows and even Teddy Roosevelt in butter were featured.  Take the Agriculture Palace Tour for more information.


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