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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

 Eskay’s Food

In the Agricultural Building, another phase of Eskay’s Food’s usefulness was shown. In their booth, lined with pictures of laughing plump children, Messers, Smith, Kline and French serve Eskay’s Food as prepared for adults. It had a wonderful up building effect on grown people, and was often prescribed for the convalescent, the weary, the aged, and for those who wished to gain weight.

The Eskay Company Booth

The Eskay Display

Eskay’s Food was composed in part of wheat, barley, and oats, carefully selected, and so prepared as to act as an attenuate of the tough, cheesy curds which are found in cow’s milk, and to change them into smooth and flocculent curds, the same as found in mother’s milk. Then the manufacturers added the egg in combination with sugar of milk, which latter preserves it, and this so finely powdered as to be readily held in suspension and easily acted upon by the fluids of the stomach. This, together with the sugar of milk, supplies a modifier of cow’s milk, furnishing the tissue building element, and the heat and energy producing element in such proportions as to supply perfect nutrition, not only for the infant, but for the invalid.

One need but to compare this food with the other infant and invalid foods served at the World’s Fair to detect its superiority. If any further evidence of its adaptability for the purpose for which it is recommended were needed, it is furnished in the pictures of actual Eskay’s Food babies shown in the booth, representing the results of its use in well fed, well nourished, and perfectly healthy and happy babies.

Reference: The World's Work Advertiser

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