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 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Angora Goat Show

The Angora goat breed was very popular in 1904.  There were more than 300 Angoras at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and this exhibit  was considered to be the greatest show of Angora goats that had ever taken place.    These goats were brought from all across the United States.  The show drew a lot of attention and was very popular among the visitors who were present.  It was a great victory for the Angora goat breeders and supporters who felt that the breed was finally nationally recognized.  These Angoras also sold very well at the sales. 

Judging of Angora Goats

Judging of Angora Goats

George F. Thompson was the official judge of Angora goats at the fair.  He looked for a high quality fleece as well as sound body structure characteristics.  Meat production was considered very little by Mr. Thompson.  It was said that he had a very difficult job in deciding these excellent classes.  The premier exhibitor award was won by C. P. Bailey & Sons.

Angora Goat

Angoras were judged primarily on their mohair and body structure

One Angora that stood out among the other goats was a "kingly buck" known as Kingston  Lad.  This goat and many other outstanding Angoras were withheld from the competition.

Judging of Angora Goats

Many competitors were present at the Angora Goat Show

Gwin 44059. First 2 year old doe. N. A. Gwin, Lawrence, KS

Winners of each class are as follows:

Holmes 2D 51665, Head of the 3rd place flock. N.A. Gwin, Lawrence, KS

References: American Sheep Breeder, Oct. 15, 1904

Photos from Irwin Collection.

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