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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Shetland Pony Horse Show

The Universal Exposition offered a total of $3,410.00 in cash prizes to the winners of the Shetland Pony exhibition.  Judging took place August 22, 1904, through Saturday, September 3, 1904, commencing at 10 o’clock each day in the Forum. 

Shetland pony judging

Shetland Pony Class

Although not a large show, each exhibitor entered two in a class for the most part.  Exhibitors were Chas. E. Bunn of Peoria, IL, Geo. A. Heyl of IL, and B. F. Shelman of Weatherby, MO.  The Shetlands were judged by Dr. C. S. Turnbull, Philadelphia, PA.

Breeders had sought to put the legs of a horse under the body of a pony. This eliminated the round, rough legs and steep pasterns.  The Shetlands exhibited legs of flat bone with well-defined joints and supple pasterns.  It was claimed that a clean, trappy trot was preferred in Shetlands over the stiff-legged shambling action.

Shetland pony hitches

Shetlands were also shown in pony hitch classes

Since Abelard had ranked among the best in the aged Stallion class and was known for his type, quality, and trappy gait, it was a surprise when David Harum took first place.  This horse stood square on his legs, but was described as “poddy and short-rumped.”  Third place went to a large but impressive bay and white, named General Shaffer.

First prize winners were: 

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Photos from the Irwin collection.

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