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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Shire Horse Show

The Truman Pioneer Stud Farm, Bushnell, Ill., and Robert Burgess and Son, Wenona, Ill., were the main competitors in the Shire competition. There were also entries from Lew W. Cochrane, Crawfordsville, Ind., F. M. Mountjoy, A. G. Soderberg, and GeorgeWarner, all of Illinois.

Mr. Chas. R. Taylor, Williamsville, Ill., was selected to be the Shire judge.  Mr. W. E. Prichard, Ottawa, Ill., was later asked to assist Mr. Taylor as part of a committee. Unlike other competitions Mr. Taylor and Mr. Prichard never needed a referee in their judging of the Shire competition.

Probably the most interesting story that came out of the Shire competition was in the stallion class. Several former champions, along with some newly imported Shires, competed. The Truman Pioneer Stud Farm was expected to win most of the classes in this division. Unfortunately they had to take their prize black stallion, "The Nigger" into competition although he was somewhat lame. His  outstanding characteristics were still obvious so that the judges chose him for fourth place. The stallion's lameness allowed Cottered Prince, who had been recently imported by Robert Burgess, to come away with the first prize.

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Truman Stud Farm's Fair Winners

First place winners were:

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