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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Horse Show - Roadsters

The roadster had never before received such high recognition. World’s Fair exhibitors had the opportunity to compete for over $15,000 in prizes.

First place winners were:

For Dealers-

Sometimes and Always by B. R. Middleton

"Sometimes" and "Always" were a matched pair of chestnuts that easily won their class.  They were driven in the show by Ben Middleton and owned by Alex. Bradford of Columbia, MO.  Mr. Bradford explained the names of the horses.  "Always" received his name because in individual classes, he always won.  The other one won "Sometimes".

Scotch Highball by Alex. Bradford Jr., Columbia, MO

Mr. Bradford told that he trained his own horses and when he had trained a horse to perfection, he generally sold it.  Mr. Bradford, himself, drove a few of his own horses in competition at the World's Fair.  One of his favorites was "Scotch Highball." 

For Others Than Dealers-

Reference:  Farmer Stockman, September, 1904.

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