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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

The Corn Murals of the Missouri Exhibit

Being the host state, Missouri put on quite a show in its five block exhibit. It was by far the most impressive in the Agriculture Palace, and rightfully so considering the $100,000 allocated by the state for the display.  One of the most impressive features of the exhibit were two immense 15 by 35 foot murals on the west wall. One depicted a 6,000 acre corn field in Atchison County owned by David Rankin. Click here to learn more about David Rankin.

Mural of a corn field owned by David Rankin made entirely of grain.

Mural of corn field owned by David Rankin.

The murals were made entirely of grain and grasses.  Much of the grain, especially corn, had been collected throughout the state at county corn shows that were held for the sole purpose of finding premium corn; and a premium price was paid by the Missouri Commission for the corn.  The murals were constructed by a French Canadian artist from Toronto named J.D. Fortier.  The other mural was of a model Missouri farm:

Mural of the Missouri model farm made entirely of grain.

Mural of the Missouri Model Farm.

Reference:  Missouri Agricultural Report 1905. Pages 204-205.

Photos: Stereoviews from the collection of Lyndon Irwin.

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