Agricultural History Series
 Missouri State University
 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

The Nebraska Exhibit

The Forest City Series of 1904 gave the following description of Nebraska's exhibit:

 NEBRASKA'S MONUMENT TO MAIZE.-Two pavilions are devoted to the display of Nebraska's products in the Palace of Agriculture. One of them is among the most notable of the installations; it is a monument to maize fairly well represented by the picture. A tall shaft rises from an open vaulted base which forms a small reception room. Base and shaft are covered with ears of corn arranged tastefully. Through utilization of the different colors of the grain and by employment of the varying sizes from popcorn to field corn the monument is made a work of art as well as of ingenuity. A globe rests upon the apex of the shaft while perched upon that is the gilded eagle. The other pavilion of Nebraska glorifies some things besides corn. It shows the small grains and grasses. In the midst of the bewildering array of productions of the soil stands the monarch of all he surveys, mounted in lifelike form, the steer which was the champion of the world in the International Livestock Show of 190 - a blue-gray cross bred animal of enormous weight. Nebraska maintains in the center of this booth a theatre with stage and moving pictures of actual farming scenes in the State. There, hour after hour, thousands of visitors saw Nebraska's farmers plowing and sowing, cultivating and reaping, stacking and branding.

The Nebraska exhibit featured the grains of that state.

Nebraska Grain Exhibit

Nebraska Corn Display and Tower.

Photos: Stereoview from the collection of Lyndon Irwin.

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