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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

New York's Vegetable Exhibit


 The New York exhibit in the Palace of Agriculture was elaborate in that it featured all 45 vegetables known to the field of Agriculture and featured many varieties of each vegetable.  Two train carloads were needed just to bring the vegetables from New York and a third of the states exhibit section was taken over by the vegetables.  One of the features of the exhibit was a 20 foot wide and 15 foot tall pyramid made of pumpkins and squash that contained 60 varieties and size variations from 135 pounds to a few ounces and the overall weight of the pyramid was over 4 tons.   

The exhibit also featured 400 potato varieties, 27 types of peppers, 5 cabbage varieties and 6 types of eggplant.  All the groups were stacked in pyramids to show variations in color and sizes. 

During the period of the World’s Fair, New York constantly replenished the parts of the vegetable exhibit which contained perishable vegetables.  The varieties that were not perishable were to be given to charitable institutions in St. Louis once the fair was over.

Source:  Journal of Agriculture, October 20, 1904, page 6

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