Agricultural History Series

  Missouri State University

 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

The Oklahoma Exhibit

The Oklahoma exhibit in the Agricultural Palace displayed samples of that years corn crop that had been harvested on July 22.  It was a ninety day corn called Red King.  Also on display were the second cutting of alfalfa and red clover from the state.

The Oklahoma exhibit with three children standing in the foreground.

Oklahoma Corn Display and Tower.

The exhibit also included a demonstration of processing cotton.  The display took fair goers from the field to the cotton gin, showing the seed being separated from the cotton, then ground and separated from the hull which was used as a forage.  The viewer then saw how the seeds were pressed and made into cooking oil.  Crude oil from the process was used in making soap.  

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Photo: Stereoview from the collection of Lyndon Irwin.

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