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 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Poland-China Hog Show

The Poland China exhibit at the St. Louis World's Fair was beyond expectations with thirty exhibitors and 318 head.  But it was reported that "there was not a mean one on the lot, they were characterized by excellence from start to finish."  Each exhibitor felt proud that they were in fierce competition in each class.  Since there had been such controversy over the judges decisions in other shows, it was noted that "some classes developed animals so superlatively good as to settle for themselves without a question at the head." This breed was (and is) a  black breed with six white points. They differed from the Berkshire breed because Poland-Chinas had drooping ears and a longer snout.

Poland China Judging

A company of Poland-China Queens.

All breeds had varying types, but the Poland Chinas had  amazing uniformity.  It was reported that " each type in this breed was molded after the same pattern," that if you run them through the same mold, you would retrieve the same results.  This exhibit was reported to be, "fine-boned, compact, round-bodied, heavy-jowled, baggy-hammed, short-nosed, tip-eared stamp, and carrying the greatest weight in the smallest superficies."

Poland China Boar

A Poland-China Boar resting before show.

In the aged boars class, Maple Lawn Chief and Sure Perfection, which came from the same sire, Chief Perfection, won the first two places.  Both of the boars' depths were remarkable; the lower line almost drug to the ground. Hams were long, and the sides were smooth.  One major difference between the two was that Maple Lawn Chief had smoother shoulders,  which was the determining factor between first and second place.  Black Sunshine, the winner of the Senior Yearlings class, was said to be "the modern show type of this breed."  He was said to be a fine example of what they wanted in this breed in the future.

Winners in each classes were:

References: The Breeder's Gazette, October 12, 1904

Photos from: The Breeder's Gazette, October 12 & 19, 1904

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