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 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Tamworth Hog Show

The Tamworth was said to have resembled the primitive type of hog in its length and narrowness of nose, head, length, depth and narrowness of body and lightness of hams. The Tamworth's were favored the most by bacon curers because of their length and depth of sides, light waste, and their large portion of lean red meat to fat.

Tamworth Boar

Pictured is a typical Tamworth boar.

There was some effort made to modernize this breed by reducing the scale, shortening and widening the head, and increasing the width along the back. However, the judge, Mr. E. N. Ball of Hamburg Mich., was said to have been looking for the "real thing" not the modified type.

There were four Tamworth exhibitors: D. Douglas & Sons, of Ont.; C. W. Freelove, of Kansas; W. W. Morton, of Kentucky; and Kelly Bros., of Wisconsin. There were eighty-six head shown. 

First place winners were:

Group and Championship winners were:

References: The Breeder's Gazette

Photos from The Breeder's Gazette.

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