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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Other Hog Shows

The other breeds of hogs at the St. Louis World's Fair included the Cheshires, Victorias, Small Yorkshires and Suffolks, and Hampshires.  These breeds were not shown in the numbers of the other breeds.  Cheshires had one exhibitor with five head and Victorias had two exhibitors with thirty head. There was one exhibitor of Small Yorkshires and Suffolks with thirteen head.  Two Hampshire exhibitors showed thirty-six head.  Prizes were given for herds of one boar and four sows in each breed. 


Belted Hampshires.

Prize winners were:

Cheshires:  Herd of five - S. G . Otis of New York

Victorias:   Herd of five - G. F . Davis of Indiana

Small Yorkshires and Suffolks:  Herd of five - G. F. Davis, Jr.

Hampshires:  Herd of five - John Goodwine, Jr. of Potomac, Illinois

References: The Breeders Gazette. October 19, 1904

Photos from The Breeders Gazette.

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