Agricultural History Series

 Missouri State University

 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Pure Foods

A large section of the Agriculture Palace was an exposition of pure foods.  There was a laboratory where food preparation could be analyzed.  On display where three pieces of cloth (originally white) that where soaked in prepared food products and dyed by the harmful products used to color or preserve the food.  Preparers of pure food used demonstrations like these to show the harmlessness of their materials used in food.  Fairgoers who visited the pure food display learned how to prepare safe food, could see pure food cooking demonstrations, taste the samples, and received food literature, so that one could take the knowledge home with them.  Along with this being an advertising display for pure foods, a person could also find information about the scientific work that was that was being conducted.     

Reference:  The Agricultural Conquest of the Earth, page 5195

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