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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Hereford Cattle Sale

The World's Fair Hereford Cattle Sale was held at the World's Fair on September 21, 1904.  It was the first auction  of cattle and the second public sale of livestock at the World's Fair.  The sale was held in Congress amphitheater under the direction of the American Hereford Cattle Breeders Association.  

The sale consisted of twenty-seven bulls and cows selling with a general average of  $233.70.  Ten bulls sold with an average of $296.50 and the high selling lot was Perfection 2d 102632 at a price of $730.00.  He was bred by F. A. Nave, Attica, IN, and purchased by Redwood Cattle Company, Oakland, CA.  The seventeen cows averaged $196.76 with the high selling lot Belle Donald 69th 162620 selling for $400.00.  She was bred by W. H. Curtice, Eminence, KY, and purchased by C. J. Lord, Dodge City, KS.

Bulls sold were:

Name  Birth date Seller Buyer Price
Arlington 03-20-1903 Steele Brothers, Belvoir, KS Smith Brothers and Field, Linwood, UT $160.00
Beau Donald 66th  11-20-1902 W. H. Curtice, Eminence, KY Smith Brothers and Field, Linwood, UT $360.00
Perfection 2d 10-22-1899 F. A. Nave, Attica, IN Redwood Cattle Company,  Oakland, CA $730.00
Right Lad 01-20-1902 George P. Henry, Goodenow, IL George Leigh, Aurora, IL $400.00
Highland Dean 3d 02-23-1901 J. S. Lancaster and Sons, Liberty, MO R. S. Burcham, Windsor, MO $210.00
Rosebud 01-07-1902 W. B. Waddell, Lexington, MO A. J. Macdonald, Bedford, IN $205.00
Marmaduke 5th 12-08-1901 S. W. Anderson, Blaker Mills, WV J. B. Meek,   Burke' s Garden, VA $160.00
Beau Donald 75th  12-18-1903 W. H. Curtice, Eminence, KY J. M. Curtice, Kansas City, MO  $405.00
Meteor 02-25-1903 J. W. Layton, Weston, MO J. B. Meek $155.00
Pilot 10-21-1902 W. S. Van Natta & Son, Fowler, IN N. J. Hiltebrand,  Lostant, IL $155.00

Cows sold were:

Name  Birth date Seller Buyer Price
Columbia 7th  01-08-1903 Benton Gabbert, Dearborn, MO George E. Gilkison, Belmont, IL  $90.00
Emblem 12-14-1902 Joseph Condell,   El Dorado, KS Kerr & Allen          Oconee, IL  $85.00
Belle Donald 75th  01-02-1903 W. H. Curtice, Eminence, KY George E. Gilkison $200.00
Julia (with calf at side) 03-31-1898 T. C. Ponting, Moweaqua, IL F. P. Wadsworth & Sons, Monroe City, MO $150.00
Annie Rooney 07-16-1902 Walter B. Waddell, Lexington, MO Smith Brothers & Fields $140.00
Pearl 01-18-1897 A. W. McConnell, Taylor Ridge, IL Kerr & Allen $105.00
Belle Donald 69th  11-22-1902 W. H. Curtice C. J. Lord,    Dodge City, KS $400.00
Belle Donald 74th 12-17-1902 W. H. Curtice C. J. Andras, Manchester, IL $200.00
Valeris Lass 10-06-1902 George P. Henry Wardell & Gatty, Macon, MO $300.00
Columbia 11th 05-07-1903 Benton Gabbert, Dearborn, MO University of Illinois, Urbana, IL $100.00
Snowdrop 2b 11-26-1899 J. Longabach & Son, Bettsville, OH Wadsworth & Sons, Monroe City, MO $135.00
Gertrude 03-24-1902 J. S. Lancaster  & Sons, Liberty, MO Smith Brothers & Fields $150.00
Leola 12-19-1902 Joseph Condell Smith Brothers & Fields $85.00
Amelia (with calf at side) 04-11-1901 Steele Brothers Macon Brothers, Lees Summit, MO $265.00
Belle Donald 73d 12-16-1902 W. H. Curtice Luce & Moxley, Shelbyville, KY $380.00
Hesiod Maiden 01-21-1902 Walter B. Wadell D. J. Hickey, Bradford, IL $180.00
Clarice Alamo 03-06-1900 Junior Sparks, Reno, NV Redwood Cattle Company $380.00

Reference:  Farmer and Stockman, October 6, 1904.

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