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 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Southdown Sheep Show

The Southdown show was notable with many entries being home-bred sheep. The American showmen battled it out mostly among themselves, with the Canadians taking away only a few prizes. However, some of the imported sheep put up against the American sheep were some of the best brought into the Livestock Forum.  

First prize yearling senior ram owned by McKerrow and Sons

The shows were very close and difficult to judge. The American Sheep Breeder stated, “…turmoil reigned in regard to the judging. Kicking came easier in this show ring than perhaps any other in history.” Judging the Southdowns was W. T. Potts of Chicago.  Unfortunately,  there were so many complaints after the first three classes that Uriah Privette of Greensburg, Indiana stepped in and acted as consulting juror. 

W. A. McKerrow's entries (from Wisconsin) were very popular in the show, winning several classes. Adding to the difficulty of judging was McKerrow’s first place aged ram, Chichester King 65. Although the ram held an undefeated record, he had a mind of his own and it was difficult to keep him on his legs in the show ring. The American Sheep Breeder stated, “This was not due to over-fitting or any weakness of pasterns, but to pure 'cussedness' on his part. With all his meanness of temper he’s a sheep that will take a lot of beating.” It was said that McKerrow’s aged ewe was a "sweet thing."  She was said to have superlative mutton qualities and queenly style, making her an easy winner.

A class of southdown rams are lined up for the judges.

Also getting attention, was a senior yearling ram  bred by Lord Ellesmere. He was a first prize Royal  winner. The American Sheep Breeder stated, "This is the kind of handlers our agricultural colleges should secure as object lessons for their boys."

 First place winners of each show were:

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Photos from The Breeder's Gazette and the Wisconsin Louisiana Purchase Exhibition Report.

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