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 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Dorset Show

 The Dorset had become increasingly  popular and by 1904 there was an abundance of American breeders.  The show of Dorset sheep at the St. Louis World's Fair was the best display ever shown in the United States up to that time.   Although the home-bred sheep were wonderful animals they lacked the scale and bone of the imported ones.

Mr. J. C. Duncan of Lewiston, NY was the Dorset judge. The Dorsets had been so wonderfully prepared that this proved to be quite a challenge.  Although there were many tough decisions, the exhibitors felt that the judge made fair choices.

"A study in Dorset character"

The first prize winners were:

"Judging of a Dorset group"

Championships and Groups:

References: The Breeder’s Gazette, October 12, 1904; American Sheep Breeder.

Photos from Breeder’s Gazette.

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