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 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Rambouillet Sheep Show

The Rambouillet show at the World's Fair was extremely large, with fierce competition.  The slightest of flaws came to be the deciding  point between a Grand Champion and Reserve.  It was said to have "stunned the judge" by how many exhibitors there were, and how close the top individuals had to be examined.

Rambouillet sheep

R. A. Jackson's Rambouillets

Some sheep were brought long distances.  For example, R. A. Jackson of Dayton, Washington,  hauled his "Tucannon" flock of  Rambouillet sheep thirteen days over long, hot, and hilly terrain to get to the World's Fair in St. Louis! It was noted that even though the sheep may have been a bit "worse for wear" after the long trip, their high quality was obvious. However, the Jackson flock was eliminated from many of the older sheep classes because their wool was too long to have been sheared after the April 1 announced deadline.  The Jackson lambs were allowed to compete.  The "Black Diamond" flock of Shaw and Bader from Marets, Ohio, was also disqualified because of too much wool.

Rambouillet ram

Ram shown by F. W. Harding, Waukesha, Wisconsin

The President of the Rambouillet breed association was John H. Seely of Utah.  Although he had good sheep, they were described as too closely shorn and travel worn because they had traveled so far to get to St. Louis.  Exhibitors agreed that if the western sheep could have had the "bloom" of eastern sheep, the judging might have gone differently.

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Photos from American Sheep Breeder and Wisconsin Louisiana Purchase Exposition Report.

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