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 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Cotswold Sheep Show

A class of Cotswolds ready for judging.

In 1904, it was claimed that the exhibition of Cotswolds in St. Louis was the best show ever in North America.  There were several sheep from England as well as from Canada.  Many of the winners among the Cotswolds were imported sheep.  The English sheep were of great quality and the Canadians were catching up to them.  America had not quite mastered the breed in this land of climate extremes.  They did however have a few first place sheep.  It was noticeable by the breeders that the old type of sheep with the broad-nostrils and heavy-boned type had become scarce. 

Judge Woodford at work on a line of Cotswolds.

The first prize winning senior yearling ram, "Standard"  was said to be “one of the great rams of the show.”  It was said that he came to the hand easily and it would take an expert to fault him seriously.

 First Prize Winners: 

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Photos from The Breeders Gazette and American Sheep Breeder.

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