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 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Hampshire Sheep Show 

Enthusiasts of the growing Hampshire breed had a special treat in this show.  Although there were not many Hampshires brought to St. Louis,  they made up for it in sheer quality.  Two of the Hampshire owners, for some reason, showed their Hampshires' colored bright yellow.  The majority of the crowd disregarded the colored Hamphires, thinking of them mainly as freaks, not serious competitors.  The show, as a whole, was said to be the best ever seen in the country. 

A pair of imported Hampshire downs

Amazingly, some March lambs weighed up to 165 pounds.  Many claimed that the lamb classes were of superlative quality.  American writers were quick to note that the winners of the last show, the Royal Show in England, were defeated by sheep bred in Michigan.  By the end of the show, a vast improvement across the board for the Hampshire breed was easily noticed. 

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References:  Breeder’s Gazette, Oct. 19, 1904; American Sheep Breeder, Oct. 15, 1904

Photo from American Sheep Breeder.

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