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1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Wild West Show

Throughout the fair, the Cummins Wild West Show held performances on the Pike.  Admission was charged to see the cowboys, cowgirls, Indians and horses. 

On November 12, a Wild West show was held on the fairgrounds in the large Livestock Forum.  This was NOT Cummins' show. It was a free event and it was held on a Saturday afternoon at 1.  It was scheduled to coincide with the final day of the Range Cattle show.  The Livestock Forum was was specially prepared for the big performance.  Up to that time, the forum had been used for cattle and horse shows but because wild range cattle and broncos would be in the forum, the gates had been made higher and more secure.  It was also noted that the seats around the forum were safe for spectators because the 6 foot tall walls would keep the wild steer on the ground floor.  The steers that were to be roped had been brought in specially from  Texas and Indian Territory.  The horses that were to be used in bronco busting had been brought in from Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory. 

Among the attractions at the Wild West Show were

The performance consisted of several "acts":

References: St. Louis Globe Democrat, November 10 and 12, 1904.

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