Agricultural History Series

  Missouri State University

 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

The Wisconsin Exhibit

The Wisconsin exhibit featured a display on the Babcock milk test.  Professor Babcock and his work was claimed to save Wisconsin dairy farmers $800,000 a year due to his scientific processes incorporated into milking.  An example of his test showed that out of 11 herds producing No. 1 quality milk for Swiss cheese production, 1 cow with a hoof disease, lowered the milk quality to No. 2, which was losing money for all farmers.  Thru the Professors curd test, the herd was segregated as the problem and then the one cow was found and taken out of the milking herd, all of which made for more profit for the farmers and the cheese maker.

Wisconsin DisplayWisconsin Display Enlargement

Wisconsin Display and Enlargement

Source:  The World’s Work, August 1904

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