Agricultural Exhibit Areas at the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Here is an old map showing half of the World's Fairgrounds. Close up views of parts of the area are included. The Agriculture Palace was on the west part of the Fairgrounds. The orientation of this map is unusual - up points South Southwest. Clayton Road and South Avenue (now Oakland Avenue) are near the top of the map with Pennsylvania Avenue (now Big Bend Blvd.) on the right side, and University Way (now Skinker Road) on the left.

map of west part of fairgrounds

Agriculture palace map

The huge Agriculture Palace is prominent on the map. In front of it was the well known floral clock. Behind it was the horticulture palace. Then behind that was the Livestock Forum (coliseum) and the stock barns and stock pens. Between the Livestock Forum and the Stock Pens, was the Review Park.

Stock Barns Map

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