The Buckley's of Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana

The Buckley family was one of the pioneer families of northern Franklin County. Their lineage can be traced back to the Rev. Peter Bulkeley who was born in England. Rev. Peter brought his family to this continent very early and is recognized as the founder of Concord, Massachusetts.

Isaac Bulkley (son of Isaac Bulkeley and wife, Deborah Couch) was born about 1766 in Connecticut. On July 13, 1797, he married Abigail Turney in Fairfield, Connecticut. They were the parents of six children, all born in Connecticut. Isaac Bulkley brought his family from Connecticut to Indiana about 1816, about the same time that Indiana was becoming a state. Their children included.

Isaac Bulkley died in 1834 is buried in Sims Cemetery, Fairfield, Indiana. His is one of the earliest burials. His stone was broken at one time and is now repaired.

Left: Grave marker of Isaac Bulkley in Sims Cemetery, Fairfield, Indiana.

Right: Grave marker of Abigail Turney Buckley in Beech Grove Cemetery, Carroll County, Indiana taken in October 2012.

Following Isaac's death, his widow, Abigail moved to Carroll County, Indiana to live with a daughter. Two of her daughters lived there 1) Catherine, who had married William Coshaw and 2) Jane who had married Lewis Ewing. Abigail died in 1846 and was buried at Beech Grove (Sharon) Cemetery in Carrollton Township, Carroll County. Both daughters are also buried in that cemetery:

Jane Buckley Ewing, 1809 - January 7, 1888

Catherine Buckley Coshaw, 1811 - November 12, 1849.

Jane was apparently a widow by the time the 1850 census was taken in Carroll County. She was left with several children to care for:

Jane Ewing


Newton Ewing


Mariah L Ewing


Henry C Ewing


Adaline Ewing


Eliza Ewing


Americus Ewing


Lewis W S Ewing


Jane Ewing died 7 Jan 1888 in Monroe Township at the age of 78. Her death record is book H-10, page 152 in Delphi. A death date for her husband Lewis Ewing has not been found.

Although the early spelling is Bulkley or Bulkeley, once the family arrived in Franklin County, the spelling became Buckley.

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