Insane Asylum Number 3

Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri

Missouri State Hospital for the Insane Number 3

The main gate to the Insane Asylum.

The massive building was completed in 1887 and was the largest single building in the state of Missouri at that time. The beautiful towers and trim were removed during the 1950's. The buildings were torn down in 1999.

The Missouri State Hospital Number 3 has gone by several names. In the early years, the sign in the lobby referred to it as "Lunatic Asylum Number 3". Later it was referred to as "State Hospital for Insane, Number 3", and "State Asylum Number 3." Eventually it was referred to by the more politically correct, "State Hospital Number 3."

An enlargement of the sign from the above photo shows the wording: Lunatic Asylum No. 3.

Another front view of the elegant asylum.

A real photo view of visitors coming to the Asylum.

This real photo shows patients at the Insane Asylum. Click on it for a larger view.

Here is a large photo of employees at the State Hospital. Click on it to see larger views.

Here are some more double views, one of the grounds and two of the asylum.

See photos from the 1907-08 Annual Report from the Insane Asylum.

See a book of drawings probably done by an asylum patient in the early 1900's. Fascinating!

The most commonly asked question about this web page is, "where are the records?" The patient records are not in Nevada. I'm told that is very difficult (like a court order) to gain access to the patient records from the State Hospital. However, Nancy Thompson tells on the Roots-Web Asylum webpage gives the definitive information on how to find records when a patient died at the State Hospital. So if your ancestor/relative died there, check out that web page. It also talks about the State Hospital Cemetery.

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