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Moundville, Missouri, 1860 - 1910

This 250 page soft bound book measures approximately 8 1/2 x 11". It details one of the older towns in Vernon County. Moundville pre-dates the Civil War. This book is a comprehensive look at the early history of the town. Citizens came and went. Some, such as Harvey Karnes, Mr. Cooper and Professor Miles, left their indelible marks on the town. Schools, churches, hotels, mines, factories and businesses all added to the early successes of the town. I spent more than six years researching Moundville, the early folks who founded it, and those who contributed to its success. It includes forgotten stories - such as the Whiskey Wars, the Wray Murder, the town fires, the post office robberies and the tick tacking incident. In addition there are records from the Moundville Lutheran and Methodist Churches, from Cooper College and from the old Moundville Cemetery. The book is thoroughly documented with footnotes. Illustrations are found throughout the book by Barbara Irwin.

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