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Bronaugh - The Town, The Man and his Friends

This 300 page book, completed in 2010 is now available. Meant to be the definitive history on this small Vernon County town, it was carefully researched and contains complete documentationj. It contains plenty of stories of the early days before Bronaugh was founded, its founding in 1886 and continues up to 1910. There is about 50 pages on W. C. Bronaugh, the town's namesake, and his sometimes notorious friends. Click on the cover for ordering information.

The book is hard-bound and indexed. It also contains many photographs and ink drawings. Of special note, the book contains much material from the memoirs of Chester Gibbs and Anne Doores Munson that give first hand accounts of their lives in very early Bronaugh.


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There is a companion web site for the book where additions and corrections are posted.


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