Isaac Buckley of Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana

Isaac Buckley was born May 8, 1807 in Fairfield, Connecticut, a son of Isaac and Abigail Turney Bulkley. He married Catharine DeMoss on December 15, 1837, in Franklin County, Indiana. They spent their married life in or near Fairfield, IN. Isaac died February 15, 1888. Catharine was born June 23, 1819 and died February 24, 1916.

According to the 1860 Indiana Census, Isaac and Catharine were the parents of these children with approximate birthdates:

In the 1880's, postcards were just beginning to be used. Below are several postcards from this Buckley family shared by Phyllis Lewis. Click on each card below to read what was on the back.

This is an early card to Isaac from his sister, Jane Ewing. Jane was married to Lewis Ewing. Jane had been in Kokomo.

In 1880, Wright Buckley received this postcard from the Indianapolis Hospital for the Insane telling of the condition of his mother, who was a patient there.

In 1881, Wright Buckley received another postcard from the Indianapolis Hospital for the Insane telling of the worsening condition of his mother, who was still a patient there.

Cousin Nan Spencer sent this card to John T. Buckley in 1881.

In this 1884, Maria Buckley wrote a note to her brother John. Maria was caring for their brother, Wright, whom she refers to as "Writie". Wright had been very ill. In fact, he died a year later at the age of 25. Maria married James P. Coleman the same year that Wright died.

In this 1885 card, young John Buckley received Christmas greetings from Jennie Buckley, wife of Elliott Buckley. Eliott was a successful teacher. He and Jennie had a son, Paul.

This 1888 card was written by John T. Buckley to his sister Olive who he refers to as Ollie. Message refers to Maria Coleman, referring to their sister who was married by then. Ollie never married.

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