Patterson Cemetery, Garrard County, Kentucky

Patterson Cemetery is located 3 miles southeast of the village of Paint Lick, Kentucky, off of State Highway 21. Then go southeast on a blacktop road (Frog Branch Road) about 0.9 mile. You will come to a pond on your left. Turn onto a lane that goes across the pond dam. It is about 0.5 miles off of the blacktop road down a dirt path. The cemetery is largely inaccessible and you should get permission before hiking to it.

Information regarding this very old burial ground was carefully recorded by Sadie Ralston Kuhlman in 1971. The list of burials follows. The number to the left refers to the generations from Revolutionary Ancestor, John and William Patterson. The middle column is information as copied from the grave markers by Sadie Kuhlman. The third column includes Sadie's remarks:


William Patterson, b. Feb. 1745, d. May, 1821

Brother of John Patterson, Sr.  They came to Kentucky together.   He was Revolutionary Soldier, Pvt. in 10th Reg. Nc.


John Patterson, b. August 9, 1740, d. December 22, 1835

Revolutionary War Veteran. Salisbury Dist. N. C., 5th Regt. Coleman's Co.


In memory of Elizabeth Patterson, B. May 16, 1750, d. October 7, 1827

Elizabeth Wells, wife of John Patterson, Sr.


In memory of Ann Patterson, b. Dec 19, 1778, d. May 2, 1847

She married her cousin, Sam Patterson.  His stone is missing.


Margaret Patterson, b. June 18, 1776

No death date shown.  She was never married


In memory of John Patterson, Jr., b. July 9, 1781, departed this life December 5, 1850



In memory of Rody, wife of John Patterson, Jr., b. June 22, A.D. 1792,   departed this life July 19, 1871

Rhoda Ann Blackburn


John D. Patterson, b. May 27, 1822, d. May 27, 1870

never married


Asa B. Patterson, b. June 4, 1828, d. May 12, 1883

never married


Allen Patterson, b. April 23, 1817, d. July 5, 1881



Lizzie Patterson, b. Sept. 1, 1842, d. Sept. 15, 1863

She was evidently the daughter of Allen Patterson.


Margaret Parks, b. Jan. 5, 1836, d. August 17, 1901



Elihu Parks, b. July 9, 1855, married Eliza Albright Oct. 16, 1879, d. March 14, 1895



John A. Parks, Son of E. and M. Parks.  b. July 9, 1855, d. July 15, 1876.  Gone Home

John and Elihu were twins sons of Margaret Patterson Parks.


Sally, wife of H. Wylie, daughter of J. and R. Patterson, b. February 24, 1813, d. February 10, 1893

daughter of John and Rhoda Blackburn Patterson


Harvy Wylie, b. February 19, 1813, d. October 10, 1844

two stones exact duplicate head and foot


John Thomas, son of Sally and Harvy Wylie, b. Nov 10, 1842, d. Nov 22, 1860



Little Albert, son of H. W. and M. F. Ralston, b. Nov 17, 1898, d. Jan 27, 1901

great grandchildren of Harvy and Sally Wylie


Sally A. Ralston, daughter of R. A. and Z. A. Ralston, b. Feb 17, 1892, d. Sept 11, 1893. Suffer little children come unto me.



Martha E. Ralston, b. May 31, 1894, d. Sept. 15, 1902. Blessed are the early dead.



 Agnes Patterson, daughter of J. and R. Patterson, wife of James Gates, B. Oct 4, 1819, d. May 14, 1868.

daughter of John and Rody


James Gates, b. Sep 13, 1815, d. Feb 9, 1879



John E. Gates, b. Sep 20, 1844, d. Feb 16, 1888

never married


Margaret A. Gates, b. June 2, 1848, d. June 14, 1895. Meet me in the better land.

never married


Elmer R. Todd, b. Aug 14, 1885, d. Nov 1, 1886. Son of J. A. and P. A. Todd

Gates grandchildren


Margaret E., daughter of J. A. and P. A. Todd. B May 10, 1908, d. July 2, 1908



 Jimmy, son of J. A. and P. A. Todd, b. March 4, 1884, d. Aug 6, 1884



In Memory of Margaret Patterson, b. Dec 6, 1814, d. Sep 5, 1845

Must have been James Patterson's first wife; Isabelle Mershon Mother)


Celia Conn, b. July 15, 1811, d. Jan 13, 1901. Rest, Mother rest, in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow weep.

Daughter of John and Rody Patterson


 F. J. Conn, b. Aug 18, 1807, d. August 5, 1890. Our Father has gone to a mission of rest, to the glorious land by the Deity blessed.

 Flavius Josephus Conn, son of John Field Conn


James W. Conn, son of J. f. and C. Conn, B. March 24, 1829, d. Aug 22, 1829



In memory of Margaret J. Conn, b. July 29, 1830, d. June 9, 1841



Daughter of J. J. and C. Conn, b. July 29, 1830, d. June 10, 1849


Fanny, wife of John Boian, b. Nov 23, 1836, d. Sept. 7, 1881

daughter of F. J. and C. Conn


Mary Eliza, wife of g. W. Elam, b. Aug 10, 1868, d. Aug 3, 1902

Daughter of J. and F Boian


William, a son of J. and f. Boian, b. Oct 12, 1856, d. Oct 25, 1856


Infant son of J. W. Boian, b. 1892, d. Oct 29, 1892


Daughter of J. W. and N. E. Boian, b. 1892, d. 1892


Sarah F., daughter of J. W. and J. A. Newland, b. April 25, 1859, d. August 30, 1864


Josephus W. Conn, son of a. and C. A. Conn, b. Nov 2, 1848, d. April 5, 1857

Children of Allen Conn who was son of F. Josephus Conn


Jimmy A. Conn, son of a. and c. A. Conn, b. July 11, 1866, d. Oct 27, 1866

Allen Conn died at Hogansport, Franklin County, Texas

 Information in the following section lists burials in Patterson Cemetery not known to be related to the Pattersons.

John Palmer

b. Sept 25, 1749, d. May 6, 1849

Ester Palmer

b. Feb 8, 1772, d. June 20, 1867

Betsy Palmer

b. March 22, 1808, d. July 5, 1864

John Palmer Jr.

b. July 20, 1794, d. Sept. 5, 1875

William Palmer

b. June 20, 1802, d. May 11, 1868

Betty Palmer

his wife, b. 1792, d. Aug 15, 1873

Henry Palmer

son of J. and E.

Margaret E.

daughter of A. J. and Elizabeth Roberts, b. Aug 21, 1851, d. June 15, 1857

Infant daughter

of A. J. and Liza Roberts, b. 1838

Susan A. Kindred

b. Feb 8, 1817, d. Aug. 12, 1877

John J. Kindred

b. Dec 3, 1849, d. Dec 11, 1879, The Cross is my Anchor

William Griffith

b. May 20, 1816, D. Feb 10, 1887. Resting in hope of eternal resurrection.


wife of William Griffith, b. Aug 29, 1817, d. Feb 18, 1901

W. P. Griffith

b. May 29, 1840, d. July 29, 1908

Sadie also wrote, that "there are numerous unmarked graves which presumably were slave graves. Five of the oldest Patterson graves are covered by a large slab of limestone ( William Patterson, John Patterson, Sr., Elizabeth Wells Patterson, John Patterson, Rhoda Ann Blackburn Patterson)."

Sadie wrote, that "according to legend, a wounded soldier came to the Patterson home during the Civil War. He died and was buried in the cemetery under a tree and stones were placed on his grave. Such an unmarked grave is to be found in the cemetery."

Reference: Affidavit of Sadie R. Kuhlman as to the Patterson Cemetery Lands in Garrard County, Kentucky filed in Garrard County Clerk's office, Deed Book # 99 Page # 548.

Disclaimer: The above information is from Sadie's affidavit and I believe it has been copied correctly from her material. I have included it here because of its historic value. This information was the best available when Sadie worked on it and it is my opinion that no one cared more for Patterson Cemetery than Sadie and John Kuhlman did.

With that said, I cannot verify that the above information is absolutely correct. Below, I am adding two sections to coincide with an article in Paint Lick Reflections about the restoration of Patterson Cemetery. The first section will be suggested corrections or discrepancies with Sadie's Affidavit. The second will be graves not listed in Sadie's work. I have no doubt that as work proceeds in the cemetery that additional graves will be found.

The following have been suggested as corrections to Sadie's work. Like Sadie's affidavit, I am including the information here but have not verified it:

Below are possible corrections to be considered:

Harold Ralston suggests these corrections:

Asa B. Patterson b. June 14, 1828

Martha E. Ralston b. May 31 1894 d. Sep 15 1902 (Per Marjorie (Ralston) Hendren)

Jimmy, son of J.A. and P.A. Todd b. Mar 4, 1884 d. Aug 6, 1884 ------- d.Aug 4, 1884.

In Memory of Margaret J. Conn d. Jun 9, 1849.

Infant daughter of A.J. and Elizabeth Roberts b. 1853

William Griffith b. 1817

Gerald Tudor suggests the following:

As to Sadie's remarks on one burial, that of Josephus W. Conn (2 Nov. 1848 - 5 Apr. 1857), I will have to disagree. Allen Conn age 30, son of (F.J.)Flavious Josephus and (C.) Celia Patterson Conn, was married to (C. A.) Cynthia Ann Best age 18 on 12 Nov. 1863 in Garrard Co. Book 8 page 211. The ages just do not fit. Although I cannot prove it, I have Josephus W(aller) Conn as a son of Flavious Josephus and Celia Patterson Conn. He would be the one year old in the 1850 census household of Flavious J. Conn. Allen and Cynthia Best Conn had a son Flavious Josephus Conn (13 Aug. 1869 - Oct. 1949 in MT, or lived to be abt. 80 yrs.

Below are burials not listed in Sadie's affidavit but who are buried in Patterson Cemetery:

Harold Ralston suggests these additions:

Charles Patterson Ralston b.1/23/1902 d. 9/11/1902 (Harold Ralston has a picture of his stone, shows only one date as 1902)

Jalia Ann Patterson 3rd generation, b. March 15,1)815 d. April 1,1884. Wife of B.D. Boatright. This info is per Harold Ralston's records by Sadie and Jalia's grave stone in the Patterson cemetery. Daughter of John and Rhoda Ann (Blackburn) Patterson.

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