Champ of Paint Lick, Kentucky

William Champ was one of the earliest settlers in the northern Garrard and southern Madison County area. He and his family accompanied Daniel Boone into the Paint Lick area from Botetourt Co., Virginia. The maiden name of Mrs. Champ appears to be Hannah Byrd, sometimes referred to as Hannah Byrd Miller. William Champ came to Kentucky with the William Miller party, so one wonders if Hannah was the widow of one of those Miller's before her marriage to William Champ. There does not seem to be any mention of Hannah being with William and family when they got to Kentucky. William and Hannah had at least three children. They were Robert Champ, Margaret "Peggy" Champ, and William Champ. William Champ Sr. died in August, 1809 near Paint Lick

William Champ Jr. married Hannah Daugherty in 1798 in one of the first marriages to be recorded in Garrard County. William was born July 27, 1776 and died July 26, 1864. Hannah was born May 26, 1777, and died November 2, 1851. It appears that they were originally buried north of Paint Lick, but their grave markers are now located in Manse (Paint Cemetery) west of Paint Lick.

I enjoy the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are" on NBC. The episode for February 11, 2011 was a show on the genealogy on singer Tim McGraw. Early in the program, they had him in a research library in western Virginia and they showed a record that caught my eye. Fortunately, I was recording it on my dvr, so I could photograph the screen. They showed a record from the 1700's in Virginia of Tim's ancestor, Isaac Chrismann. Well, when I looked at the record the thing that jumped right at me was the name just above him was William Champ - one of my more famous ancestors from western Virgina. So, I have got to getahold of that record!

So anyone interested in the Champ family should try to watch the Tim McGraw episode of "Who Do You Think You Are."

To the right is a TV screen capture showing William Champ.

Grave marker for William Champ, Manse Cemetery

Grave marker for Hannah Daugherty Champ, Manse Cemetery

 William and Hannah were the parents of nine children. They are listed below:

Birth Date
Marriage Date
Death Date

Catherine Champ

June 5, 1799

November 14, 1816

Mitchell Shumate


Polly Champ

August 4, 1801

October 8, 1818

James Montgomery

April 28, 1865

William Champ

August 17, 1803

November 10, 1826

Franky Maupin

John B. Champ

September 2, 1805

September 9, 1877

Peggy Champ

March 6, 1809

Ruth Ann Champ

May 1, 1812

February 2, 1835

Harvey Wylie

January 28, 1898

Robert M. Champ

September 4, 1814

September 9, 1817

Franklin W. Champ

September 10, 1816

September 30, 1844

Mary Ann Wylie

May 4, 1877

Eliza M. Champ

September 4, 1819

September 3, 1844

G. W. Rose

September 7, 1850

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There were other Champ families in nearby Bourbon County, Kentucky, but aren't sure how they are related to this William Champ.

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