Other Champ Families

A few years after the William Champ Family appeared in Garrard and Madison County, Kentucky, other Champs were showing up in Bourbon County. There has been lots of speculation over the years as to how these two Champ clans might be related.

Among the Champ marriages in Bourbon County are:

Margaret Champ

Josiah Piper

July 14, 1824

Patsy Champ

Mapleton Smith

April 30, 1819

Polly Champ

William Meddle

January 1, 1818

Quisenberry Champ

Jane Wright

Sept 16, 1799

Saffraph Champ

Alexander Gorum

July 10, 1795

Sarah Champ

Nicholas Arnold

May 23, 1793

Thomas Champ

Elizabeth Shumack

July 4, 1795

Mary Statler is descended from Thomas Champ and Elizabeth Shoemake or Shumack, who were married July 4, 1795 in Bourbon Co. KY. She sent a note note that she received from a cousin:

Also spelled - Shumate - Chaumette: The marriage bond identified her as the daughter of James Shumate (I)---the only James Shumate in KY that early. And, a point to remember, Mitchell Shumate (I), son of Daniel Shumate (V), of Gerrard Co., KY., married a Catherine Champ, about 1818 in that county. Was she the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Shumate) Champ and therefore a cousin of Mitchell? History of the Shumate Family, Kentucky Pioneers by Robert S. Riley.

 We can certainly answer the question posed above. Catherine Champ who married Mitchell Shumate was definitely a daughter of William and Hannah Daugherty Champ as proven by the family Bible and William's Will. However, if Thomas Champ of Bourbon County married a Shumate, that is quite a coincidence. It might indicate some interaction between the Garrard and Bourgon County Champs.

This page has been created to create discussion about the Bourbon County. Mary Statler is working on this line. Please contact her if you have any information.

At this point, we have found no relationship between William Champ of Garrard County and Thomas Champ of Bourbon County. That is not to say that they are not related. We can be rather certain however, that Thomas was not the son of William Champ Sr of Garrard County.

Disclaimer: I do not have actual copies of the marriages listed above. If you note an error, please let us know.

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