Conn Family, Paint Lick, Garrard County, Kentucky

There are numerous Conn family burials in Patterson Cemetery. Randall Baker is a Great Great Great Grandson of F.J. Conn. Randall shared some photos and information:

F. J. Conn married Celia Patterson, daughter of John and Rody Blackburn Patterson. Below is their grave marker, that I photographed in 1998 prior to cemetery restoration.

Stone reads:

 F. J. Conn, b. Aug 18, 1807, d. August 5, 1890. Our Father has gone to a mission of rest, to the glorious land by the Deity blessed.

Celia Conn, b. July 15, 1811, d. Jan 13, 1901. Rest, Mother rest, in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow weep.

Jean Long is a Great Great Great Granddaughter of F. J. and Celia Conn . She shared the scan above of their grave marker. Her aunt took the photo back in the 1970's when the stone was still standing.

She is working on her line from Rev. Hugh Conn of Baltimore, MD and is looking for proof that John Fields Conn was the son of Gerrard Trammel Conn and that F. J. Conn was the son of John Fields Conn. She is also trying to tie John Blackburn Conn to F. J. Conn.

Does anyone have a photo of Celia?


Randall shared this photo that says F. J. Conn. The photo was taken in Beeville, Texas. This is the grandson of the F. J. Conn buried in Patterson Cemetery since he died in 1890 at the age of 83.


Allen and Cynthia Best Conn had a son - Flavius Josephus Conn (13 Aug. 1869 - Oct. 1949). Guy Boatright wrote that Allen Conn died in Texas. Randall believes that this young man is F. J. Conn, the son of Allen.


Randall "thinks" thinks this is F.J. Conn in a Masonic Uniform. From the rest of the uniform, he thinks that he was Knights Templar. Randall is still not sure who this is but, there is a really strong resemblance in this one and the one above. The problem is this one has a date of 1897 on the back of it. So these are probably not the same person because the one above couldn't be a lot earlier than this one. Its also NOT the F. J. Conn buried in Patterson Cemetery because he died in 1890.

Can anyone tell us who this is?

Gerald Tudor suggests the following in regard to the Patterson Cemetery records of Sadie Ralston Kuhlman:

As to Sadie Kulhman's remarks on one burial in Patterson Cemetery, that of Josephus W. Conn (2 Nov. 1848 - 5 Apr. 1857), I will have to disagree. Allen Conn age 30, son of (F.J.)Flavious Josephus and (C.) Celia Patterson Conn, was married to (C. A.) Cynthia Ann Best age 18 on 12 Nov. 1863 in Garrard Co. Book 8 page 211. The ages just do not fit. Although I cannot prove it, I have Josephus W(aller) Conn as a son of Flavious Josephus and Celia Patterson Conn. He would be the one year old in the 1850 census household of Flavious J. Conn. Allen and Cynthia Best Conn had a son Flavious Josephus Conn (13 Aug. 1869 - Oct. 1949 in MT, or lived to be abt. 80 yrs.

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