Cooper College and other Moundville Groups

The photos on this page are from the Ward family collection. Thanks to Dennis Ward for sharing them.

This group photo must have been made around 1894 or so.


Back row: Ola Gooch, Bea Jones, Carrie Jones, Lucia Knight, Ona Landon (Donaldson)

Middle row: Nora Jones, Lynnie Knight, Ella Jones

Front row: Dora Franks, Dana Morris

Moundville young men, ca. 1894.


Back row: Henry Pinnegar Ed Cushman, Roy Baker, Henry McAdoo, Jim Blevins

Middle row: Mat Beckmon, John Donaldson, Gooch

Front row: George Wheelock, Claude Ward, Frank Hanan

Cooper College Graduating class, 1895 or 1896

Back row: Lynnie Knight, Claude Ward, George Wheelock, Dora Franks


Middle row: Bert Wheelock, Nora Jones, John Donaldson, Ona Landon


Front row: Ida May Phillips, Roy Williams

This Cooper College group is probably of undergraduates before 1898. Since Bea Jones had graduated in 1894, she may have been the teacher of this group.


Back row: Bea Jones, Winnie Jones, Nellie Hanan, Lester Robinson


Front row: Walter Rankin, Mamie Shannon, William Pierce, Nora Keith

This is the best view I have ever seen of the big hall at Cooper College. See below ifor a close-up for identification of graduates.

These are the Scientific program graduates for 1900.

Left to right: Professor Miles, Winnie Jones, Lester Robinson, Nellie Hanan, Willie Ward and Arminta Mathews

This nice photo is probably Moundville, but I'm not sure. It appears to be a photographer's best effort to add a leafy border to a photo. If you recognice anyone, let us know.


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