Franklin County, Indiana

Fairfield was a small village in northern Franklin County, Indiana, but it is a town that really no longer exists. In the 1960's the Corps of Engineers built Brookville Lake. Fairfield was the only town in the Whitewater River Valley, so the town was inundated. There were attempts to move the town, but most folks just moved elsewhere. All of the cemeteries were moved to one location east of the former town site.

For nearly 20 years I have attempted to collect photos of Fairfield, but Fairfield items are SCARCE! If you have any items to share here, I will be glad to add them.

Hint to researchers - If your ancestor lived at Fairfield, you may have to look in Union County records because Fairfield was almost on the county line. Therefore, ancestors may have lived or even been buried across the county line even though they called Fairfield home.

Above is a 1960's aerial view of Fairfield. Old Brier Cemetery can be seen on the right and part of a covered bridge is at the very bottom of the picture. Click here to read more about Fairfield Cemeteries.

Here is another aerial view, probably from the 1960's.

Above is a beautiful fall view of Fairfield from an early 1960's postcard

This 1960's era postcard tells that the Fairfield Bridge was built in 1866 over the Whitewater River's east fork at Fairfield. This post card was sold in the late 60's to commemorate its destruction as Brookville Lake was about to be built.

This postcard photo of Fairfield Bridge tells that the bridge was 300 feet long and 15 1/2 feet wide.

Fairfield Methodist Church just before the lake.

Main Street, Fairfield, just before the lake was built.

Pre-1900 Main Street scene by Barbara Irwin for my Irwin book.

Here is a 1908 Fairfield street scene. Click on the photo to see a larger view of it.

Elizabeth Preston (Shinouda) wrote that her grandfather, Dr. Abraham Preston, moved his family to Fairfield from Indianapolis about 1905. This is a picture of the Preston Family Home in Fairfield about 1907.


Dr. Abraham Preston is standing in front of his office with his children, Ruth Preston and Robert Preston. Robert was Elizabeth's father.

Elizabeth grew up in Fairfield, as did her father, Robert Preston. She and her brother attended school in this building. She believes the lady on the steps of the school house is her grandmother, Mary Preston.

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