Franklin County, Indiana

Roberts - Brown - Smolley families






Thanks to William Castle for sharing a scan of this marriage certificate. Here is what William wrote that his family:

"became the heirs of a home in Middletown, Ohio. Among one of the last things we came across was a beautifully preserved marriage license of a William Warren Roberts and Anna Brown, married in Fairfield Indiana. I just couldn't bear to just toss it away. The date of the marriage. July 25, 1877."

This is one of the earliest Fairfield original documents that I've seen. We would like to know more about this family.

William Warren Roberts. The groom.

Anna Brown. The bride.

Melba A. Roberts. We assume this is their daughter. She married a Burnice Glenn Gentry.


Right: Oakley Roberts - we assume he is their son.

Left: "Grandpa Smolley". We don't know how this picture and the one below fits in with the families mentioned above. They are apparently the grandparents of one or the other parties above.

There is a J. G. Smolley who died in 1896 in Sims Cemetery. Could this be him?


Right: "Grandma Smolley"

If you know anything about these families, please contact Lyndon Irwin or William Castle.

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