Elizabeth Graham and Charles Stewart of Garrard County, Kentucky

Elizabeth L. Graham was the eldest child of Enoch and Alsey Graham. She was married in Garrard County to Charles Stewart.

Charles Stewart,was born about 1798 in Virginia. He came to Kentucky with his father before 1810. Charles Stewart first appeared in the Garrard County Tax list in 1819. Charles was subsequently listed in the 1820 and 1824 tax lists. He owned only a horse in 1819 and 1820 and nothing in 1824.

On March 5, 1827, Charles was married to Elizabeth Graham, daughter of Enoch Graham. The marriage took place in Garrard County and the bond was paid by her father, Enoch. It appears that Charles and Elizabeth moved to Rockcastle County after their marriage. The Rockcastle County tax lists for 1828, 1829, and 1830, all listed Charles. Charles was listed as owning 25 acres and having no children between the ages of 6 and 18.

Charles appeared on the Rockcastle County tax lists in 1850 when he was listed but was not owning land. This is consistent with the 1850 census which also proved that Charles and Elizabeth Graham Stewart were living in Rockcastle County:


Note that Ellen Stewart was listed. Actually, she was already married and away from home in 1850. She had married Joseph Rogers in 1848 and they were living across the county line in Garrard County with their first two daughters. Ellen was therefore, counted twice in the 1850 census. Charles' son, Benjamin F. Stewart, was probably named for his uncle, Benjamin F. Graham, son of Enoch. Lewis and Rice Stewart, sons of Charles, were named for their uncles Lewis and Rice Stewart, brothers of Charles.

The 1860 census showed that the Stewart family was back in Garrard County,

Charles was listed as a farmer, owning real estate valued at $1,800. His three sons were listed as farm hands. The identity of Amanda is uncertain. She was most likely a daughter of B. F. - however, no marriage record has been located for him. It is possible that she was a daughter of Charles and Elizabeth, born late in life, although it is not too likely that she was born when her mother would have been 47. Based upon the 1850 and 1860 census records, it appears that Charles Stewart was not a slave owner like his father had been.

According to the 1870 Garrard County Census, the widowed Elizabeth Stewart resided near Paint Lick (Brandy Springs District):

The two girls living with her were probably granddaughters, but their parents are not proven.

Elizabeth continued to be listed in the 1880 Garrard County Census. At that point her grandson, Frank, lived with her. This is probably the William F. Stewart, son of Lewis who was listed in the 1870 census:

Elizabeth Graham Stewart's death date has not been found. Garrard or Rockcastle County Cemetery records do not list Charles or Elizabeth Stewart.

Note: Barbara Turner has a web page about her ancestor, Martha Stewart Lewis.

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