The Harrells of Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana

Chester Harrell was a pioneer of Franklin County. He was born August 16, 1756, in Virginia. He and his family lived in Nelson County, Kentucky, for several years. Chester's first wife was an Everett. They had four children:


Birth Date

Marriage Date


Death Date

Isaac Harrell


August 17, 1803

Delilah Doom

November 1848

Betsy Harrell

November 17, 1785

June 2, 1806

George Kelly


James Harrell





Elijah Harrell





Following the death of his first wife, Chester Harrell married Betsy Stephens, on June 2, 1789, in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky. They were the parents of nine children. They lived in Nelson County for a few years, then moved to Butler County, Ohio, and finally came to what became Franklin County, Indiana, arriving there before Indiana was a state. Death and burial information for Chester and Betsy has not been found. I have wondered if they were buried at Stevens Cemetery in Fayette County where Isaac is buried, but I have visited this old pioneer cemetery and no stone is found for them.

The children of Chester and Betsy were:


Birth Date

Marriage Date


Death Date

Editha Harrell

August 4, 1812

James McKinney

William Harrell

February 2, 1823

Elizabeth Miles

bef December 1835

Hannah Harrell

abt 1794

November 2, 1815

John Smiley

aft 1877

Stephen S. Harrell


October 6, 1833

Ruth Schooley Hughes

bef 1860

Margaret Harrell

abt 1800

December 9, 1819

Isaac Brown

Susan Harrell

abt 1803

May 23, 1833

John Turner

Elisha Harrell

November 18, 1807

August 26, 1830

Abigail Buckley, Margaret C. Smith

Mary 22, 1882

Edmund Harrell

June 29, 1809

May 7, 1831

Rebecca Alyea, Sabra Ann Williams

August 23, 1857

Jane Harrell

July 2, 1811

October 10, 1829

Anson Buckley, Abraham Miller

November 29, 1886

Grave of Jane Harrell Buckley, daughter of Chester Harrell, Sims Cemetery, Fairfield, IN


Please note - This Harrell line has been very difficult to research. If you can add to the information above or if there are errors, please let me know.

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