William Harrell

Fayette County, Indiana

William Harrell was a son of pioneer, Chester Harrell and his second wife Betsy Stevens.  He was apparently was born about 1800 in Virginia (in the 1880 census, Susannah Harrell Loper said that her father had been born in VA). William married Elizabeth Miles on February 2, 1823 in Franklin County, Indiana. William and Elizabeth were the parents of at least four children: Mary Jane (b. 18 September 1825), Stephen M. (b. ca. 1826), Susanna (b. December 16, 1827) and Sarah (who died as an infant). William Harrell apparently died before November 1835. His widow, Elizabeth Miles Harrell was married to John Saunders on November, 1835 by Rev. Joab Stout. The marriage was reported in the Indiana American newspaper. Both were from Franklin County. Elizabeth and John had at least two children, Oliver Saunders and Aden Saunders.

Proving that William Harrell was actually a son of Chester has been somewhat circuitous. First a notebook kept in the early 1900's by Sarah Carmichael Harrell lists William among the offspring. That in itself may be suspect as proof. However, further confirmation is found in the Memoirs of Samuel Brown Huddleston (a son of Editha Brown - a daughter of Margaret Harrell and Isaac Brown. Margaret was a daughter of Chester). In 1861, Samuel left the home of his mother to visit Harrell relatives in Fayette and Franklin Counties. He spent several weeks in the area. He first visited his mother's uncle, Elisha Harrell near Everton. After a few days, he went on horseback to stay with his mother's Aunt Jane Harrell Buckley near Fairfield. He stayed there for some time before he was taken to see his mother's cousin Stephen. Samuel Huddleston wrote that in 1850, that Stephen M. Harrell had married Mrs. Lieuzenia Spencer Johnson, a young widow. Lieuzenia already had a daughter by her first husband, James S. Johnson. The daughter Sarah had been born March 7, 1845 and her father died when she was only 2. Samuel Huddleston eventually married Sarah Johnson. Stephen M. Harrell and wife moved to Randolph County, Indiana where he died in 1912. On his death certificate, it was reported that his parents had been William Harrell and Elizabeth Miles.

The following information about Mary Jane Harrell and her husband John Jacob Klipple was prepared by Mary Klipple.

Jacob paid $150 apiece to his brother and sisters &/or their husbands as well as the maintenance of the widow of George Phillip Klipple, their mother, Maria Catherine Metzger Klipple, during her natural life, according to the last will and testament of the said George Phillip Klipple dated June 16, 1848. The Quit claim deed is in the Franklin County Courthouse in Brockville, Indiana, Deed Record Book 13, p. 460.

Indiana Naturalization Records list him and his brother Philip in The Franklin County Circuit Court Records. Jacob is in Book 6, Page 398; while Philip is in Vol. 6, page 294

Oct. 8, 1840. In the matter of Jacob Clipple, an alien. On application for Naturalization.

Comes the said Jacob Clipple an alien and makes application to be admitted to the rights of a citizen of the United States and produced to the court & gives his declaration and oath of Intention as follows to wit: the 18th day of the August Term 1840 of State of Indiana, Franklin County. Be it known that on the 18th day of August, 1840 of the Franklin Circuit Court personally came into open court Jacob Clipple and makes the following Report and declaration to wit that he was born in the Electorate of Myance in Germany on the 16th day of September AD 1815 and then resided until the year 1826. That on the 27th day of November 1827 he emigrated and sailed from Ober Sourland (Ober Saarland) in Said Electorate of Myance with his father Philip Clipple he the said Jacob being then about twelve years of age and landed in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United State of America on the 25th of March 1827 that he resided in the United State of America on the 25th of March 1827. That he resided in the United States of America more than three years immediately proceeding his arrival at the age of 21 years to wit from March 1827 when he was only about 12 years of age until the present Time. That he went from Baltimore to Cincinnati from thence to the part of Indiana and came to the county of Franklin aforesaid in April 1836 where he intended permanently to settle, where he has ever since resided, where he now resides and where he expects permanently to reside. He on oath declares that he resided in the United State of America as of more than 3 years immediately preceding his age of 21 years; that he has ever since resided therein whence he expects to reside. That he has resided in the United States more 5 and in the state of Indiana more than one year past. That for more than five years last past it has been bona fide his intention to become a citizen of the United States and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign prince , potentate, State or sovereignty whatever and particularly to the Electorate of Myance in Germany whose subject he is. Sworn and (???) to in open court Robert John Ochs.signed Jacob Clipple,,,, Which being examined by the court is accepted and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court upon the testimony of Jeremiah Woods, John C. Conrad & John Schleight that the said Jacob Clipple has resided in the United States for five years at least and with in the State of Indiana for at least one year last past and that during that to me he has behaved as a man of good moral Character attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the citizens of the same Whereupon the said Jacob Clipple was duly in open Court that he will support the Constitution of the United States and that he dot intensely and absolutely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign prince potentate state or sovereignty whatever and particularly to the Electorate of Myance

27 Aug 1850 Census of Fairfield Township, Franklin County, Indiana has Jacob being 38 yrs. old, a farmer with real estate valued at $1400 dollars. He was born in Germany. His wife Mary is only 25; She is born in Indiana as are her 4 children: Harriet, 6; Margret, 4; Louisiana, 2; George, 8/12. Mary is there too, age 61, she was born in Germany and is listed as idiotic( a term used commonly back then for a variety of reasons) This must be John Jacob's mother, the one whom he promised to care for during her natural life.

The 1860 Fairfield Township census listed Jacob and Mary J. with their large family:

  • Harriet, age 16
  • Margaret J., age 14
  • Louisiana, age 12
  • George W., age 10
  • Catherine, age 8
  • John, age 6
  • Margretta, age 4
  • Elmira, age 2
  • Missouri, age 4/12

The February 20, 1863 Franklin Democrat recorded the death of Mary Jane Harrell Klipple. It noted that she had died February 6 of consumption. It noted that Mary Jane was the daughter of William Harrell and consort of Jacob Klipple of Fairfield. Also it told that she was 39 and was survived by her husband and 9 children.

Sims Cemetery records show Louisiana Leviston, born 14 November 1847. On 16 October 1866, she married Jackson Leviston but she died July 19, 1867 (childbirth perhaps?). The interesting thing about this record is that she was buried on a row between her uncles and aunts, Anson and Jane Harrell Buckley and Elisha and Margaret Harrell. Corps of Engineers records show that there were three unidentified graves beside her. So - we will probably never now, but could this be the burial place of her grandparents (William and Elizabeth).

January 22, 1881

Be it Remembered that on the 25th day of February AD 1881 the last Will and testament of Jacob Klipple deceased was admitted to probate and record and the words and figures following to wit: In the name of the Benevolent Father of all I Jacob Klipple of the County of Franklin in the State of Indiana , being of sound mind and knowing the uncertainties of human life do hereby make and publish this my last Will and Testament. First it is my will that all my just debts, expenses of my sickness and funeral are paid out of my estate. Second, I give and devise to my unmarried daughters Harrell, Marietta, Elmira, Missouri and Ida. the home farm upon which I now reside during their natural lives, but in case any one of them should marry thence I desire that her life interest shall revert to those remaining single and in like manner each ones life interest in said farm cease with death or marriage, and that upon the death or marriage of each and all of my said unmarried daughters, then I devise and bequeath to my children or their heirs in fee simple, and equal proportions the farm hereinbefore named and hereinafter described from the original deed as executed to me.

Third:,, After all my just debts and expenses as hereinbefore named shall have been liquidated or assumed by each unmarried daughters, I do hereby give and bequeath unto the said daughters all my remaining personal property, stock, grain, moneys, household goods, furniture, provisions and all other property of whatever kind. The home farm mentioned in the second clause of this my last will as devised to the said unmarried daughters is situated on the South West quarter of Section number 32 in Township 10..........etc.......Fourth, I do hereby nominate and appoint my son George W. Klipple executor of this my last Will and Testament and desire that the court may exact no bond of him. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In testimony hereof I have have hereunto set my hand and seal on this 22 day of January, AD 1881. Will book 3, pages 67 & 68 (1881, FEB) Brookville, Franklin county Courthouse, Indiana.

The second child of William and Elizabeth Miles Harrell was Stephen M. Harrell:

Stephen M. Harrell was born about 1826 in Indiana. On October 13, 1850, he married Lieuzenia Johnson in Franklin County. They had at least five children. The first four were listed in the 1860 Franklin County census.

  • William A. born about 1852
  • James R. born about 1855
  • John S. born about 1857
  • Laura L. born in 1860
  • Emma born in 1861

The 1870 census slowed them living near Blooming Grove:

  • Stephen, age 44
  • Lizzie, age 46
  • William A., age 18
  • James R, age 16
  • John G., age 13
  • Laura L., age 10
  • Emma, age 7

The third child of William and Elizabeth Miles Harrell was Susanna Harrell.

Susannah was born December 16, 1827 in Fayette County. On April 28, 1854, she married George Loper in Franklin County. George and Susannah were parents of:

  • Mary, born 1854
  • Ellenora, born 1856
  • Lewis C., born 1858
  • William W., born January 1860
  • Douglas, born 1863
  • Pleasant A., born 1865
  • Minerva, born 1867
  • Amos, born April 1869





Susannah Harrell Loper died 26 January 1903 at Fairfield. George Loper died 14 March 1904. His obituary told that he had begun a carriage business in Fairfield in 1856. They are buried in Brier Cemetery, Fairfield.


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