Stephen S. Harrell

Franklin County, Indiana

Stephen S. Harrell was a son of pioneer, Chester Harrell and his second wife Betsy Stevens.  He was apparently was born about 1797 in Kentucky. On October 6, 1833, Stephen married the widow, Ruth Schooley Hughes in Franklin County. They had four children, Louisa, Samuel, James and John.

The 1850 Census for Fairfield Township showed the family:

S. S. Harrell had died by the time the 1860 Franklin County census was taken:

The 1870 Fairfield Township Census showed:

Ruth Harrell died in 1872. The 1880 Fairfield Township Census showed:

Obituary: William Schooley Hughes, son of Thomas and Ruth Schooley Hughes, was born on the old Homestead Farm on Templeton's Creek, February 23, 1831.... At the age of 21, he was married to Mary E. Steward. Of this union, there were born four children, all boys who still survive. March 28, 1861, his first wife died. A year later, he married Sarah A. C. Frampton, who with one son, still survives him. Since leaving the home farm in 1868, he resided mostly in Brookville. He was subject to fits of despondency all of his life. On Friday, November 11 he was taken with symptoms which indicated the approach of Typhoid Fever. He became very despondent - culminating in his taking his own life on Tuesday, November 22, 1887 at the age of 56 years, 8 months, 20 days.

Many family members are buried in Old Franklin Cemetery, not far east of Fairfield.

Thomas Hughes
Died August 17, 1831
Aged 40 years


wife of
T. Hughes &
S. Harrell
Died Oct. 2, 1872
aged 71 yrs

Note = It appears that Ruth was buried with first husband, Thomas Hughes. There is nothing to indicate where Stephen S. Harrell was buried. Since his sons are buried with their mother at Old Franklin, surely he was too, but this is speculation.

Aaron Hughes
Died March 4, 1890
Aged 65 yrs


Elias Hughes
Died October 10, 1831
Aged 3 yrs

James Harrell
Feb. 8, 1863
Aged 21yrs

(James Kison Harrell had been born November 5, 1842) 

John C. Harrell
July 20, 1863
Aged 18 yrs

(John Chester Harrell had been born March 3, 1845. He died in Nashville, Davidson Co, TN in 1863 (probably a Civil War death?).

Louisa N. Harrell

Samuel S. Harrell

Mary Hughes

William S. Hughes

(note, these four are listed on the stone but not buried in New Franklin Cemetery.)

Samuel S. Harrell was born January 18, 1838 to Stephen S. and Ruth Harrell. Samuel became a prominent lawyer in Brookville, the county seat of Franklin County. On December 7, 1873, he married Sarah F. Carmichael. In 1885, he was elected to the Indiana State Legislature and he served four terms. They were the parents of two daughters, Hallie (married Ernest Showalter 4 September 1901) and Edna, born 25 December 1887. Edna married Rollin J. Rockafeller 3 September, 1902. Samuel Harrell died at his home in Brookville on April 24, 1903. He was buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Brookville. (Franklin County death record, Book H16, page 45)


Louisa N. Harrell is buried in nearby Brier Cemetery (1836 - 1909). Louisa died October 21, 1909 at the age of 72 in Fairfield Township (Franklin County death record, Book H17, page 21).

Maple Grove Cemetery, Brookville:

Samuel S. Harrell

January 18, 1838 - April 25, 1903


Sarah C. Harrell

January 8, 1844 - June 30, 1929

Hallie H. Showalter

1875 - 1959


Ernest W. Showalter

1874 - 1963

Edna H. Rockafeller

1879 - 1967


Rollin J. Rockafellar

1871 - 1910

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