Hume, Missouri

We have added this page for photos that visitors to the Hume page might like to submit. If you've got an old scan to share, let us know. Lets try to keep them pre-1930.

Clyde Dauben writes:My family ( Fred and Gertrude Dauben) lived in Hume from (estimate) 1913 to about 1922. My father was the engineer on a steam shovel mining coal there for KLANER mining Co. They lived there when I was born in 1915 but went to Pittsburg, Kansas for the birth. My father had a stroke at the age of 34 and to support the family, my mother had a restaurant on the north side of the square. She made lunches for the miners. They moved from Hume to Gravette, Arkansas about 1921-22.

This photo of what was probably the Hume Hotel has been submitted. Click on the photo to see an enlargement and more information.

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